Long Term Recovery Group's


    As a result of the June 23rd flooding event, several WV counties have established a local Long Term Recovery Group (LTRG). Long Term Recovery Groups, assist in thier local communities to provide help to flood surivors. WV VOAD is a proud supporter of the 7 current LTRG's and currently serves as the State Long Term Recovery Council. Individuals requesting disaster related assistance is advised to contact thier local LTRG's which are listed below.




For Disaster Related Assistance please click on your county to contact the Local Long Term Recovery Group.

Please note: LTRG's are in the initial phases of establishment. Some LTRG's may have little to no contact information. If you cannot contact your local LTRG please click "WV County Not Listed."



1. Clay County, WV

2. Fayette County, WV

3. Greenbrier County, WV

4. Kanawha County, WV

5. Nicholas County, WV

6. Monroe County, WV

7. Roane County, WV

8. Pocaontas County, WV

9. Summers County, WV

10. Webster County, WV

11. WV County not Listed